Baja and Back – Part 2

Ah, Baja.  Part 2 is the part where I get to show Baja – mainly in photos.  It’s difficult to describe Baja because I haven’t yet been to a place like it.  It’s quiet and vast yet overwhelming.  It is a play on all your senses.  It leaves you lonely but content.  I suggest you visit to see for yourself!

Camping – Beach camps were often filled on the weekends with Mexican families enjoying time off. Other times, we kept the beach lively while camping with friends.  A few times we were all alone.

Beach in Mexico

Playa Requeson

Beach camping with VW bus, truck camper and casita

A caravan of friends with Go Big Emma, Mali Mish and Bodes Well at Rattlesnake Beach

Mexico Camping on the Beach

More beach camping, more meetups on the cool Pacific Ocean

Beach camping in Baja

Beautiful beach, friend, stingrays galore,  horrid toilets but that’s Baja!

Camping near palapa in Gonzanga Bay

Gonzaga Bay, alone but not quite alone

Camping near Guerrero Negro

Alone on the Pacific side of Baja Sur

enjoying sunset on a beach in Mexico

Camping in Ojo de Liebre, waiting for a morning whale tour

Beach camping in Baja

Another day, another beach camp on Bahia Concepcion

El Chorro Hot spring

Camping in the mountains near El Chorro Hot Springs

Cabo San Lucas

Two nights camping in Cabo with a local family

Playa Coyote in Bahia Concepcion

Favorite beach camp in all of Baja on Bahia Concepcion

Nature – As we crossed the border into Mexico in late March, I was a bit disappointed that we didn’t first stop by the Southern California desert to check out the super bloom until I saw that Baja was having it’s own version of super bloom.  The desert was covered in flowers, blooming ocotillos and cactus!  On our drive back up, the green landscape had again turned brown.

Wildlife played coy during out time in Baja; we didn’t come across scorpions, snakes or tarantulas.  We will however always remember our encounters with the grey whales and whale sharks!

Arroyo Lupine

Arroyo Lupine

Blooming Ocotillo

Blooming Ocotillo

Boojum Plant

Boojum Tree

flowers in Baja

Sand Blazing Star

Cardon Cactus

A cardon cactus in Valle de los Gigantes

Gray Whale

Jase trying to catch his moment with a gray whale at Ojo de Liebre

Gray Whale

Under the watchful eye of momma whale, this baby was all about getting touched

Gray Whale Baja Mexico

Jase missed his chance in the water but managed to finally get his hand on a gray whale…sorta

Ojo de Liebre

Amazing animals

SUP with Whale Shark

One of many encounters with a whale shark in Bahia Concepcion

We explored Baja without expectations and without plans.  We spent a little time in the cities but most of our time soaking in the energy of the ocean.  It was a taste of Baja for us and we’ll be back.

Virgin Mary in Mexico

The virgin Mary kept a watchful eye over all of Baja 

Todos Santos Mission

Mission in Todos Santos

Loreto Mission

Mission in Loreto (lo-ray-to) I was corrected in pronunciation by an 80 year old lady

Eiffel Church

The surprisingly unimpressive Eiffel designed church in Santa Rosalia

La Paz Mexico

More time is needed in La Paz, beautiful city

Umbrella Street in La Paz

Street Art in La Paz

El Infierno Pass

El Infierno Grade between San Ignacio and Santa Rosalia

Mexico Beach Art

Found art on the Pacific Ocean

Valle de Los Gigantes

A wrong turn in Valle de los Gigantes

Mexico Mini Landscape

Landscape art 

Sand Patterns in Baja Mexico

East Cape Baja Sur Mexico

Pink sunsets on the Sea of Cortez

sea of cortez

San Pedrito Beach

Golden sunsets on the Pacific coast

Sunrise in Baja MexicoTranquilo sunrises on Bahia Concepcion

Fishing Village on Pacifi

Fishing village on the Pacific Ocean.  Lobster tails for $2.50

Cabo San Lucas

Cabo just wasn’t our style

El Chorro Hot Springs

El Chorro Hot Springs – one of our favorites

Sunrise on Sea of Cortez

So when are you headed to Baja?

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