DayTrippin: Kennedy Space Center

We almost passed this place by.  We thought “it’s probably just like Johnson Space Center” and it was more expensive at $50 each.  After a few comments we heard and reading a few posts from others, we decided we at least had to check out Kennedy Space Center.

We’re glad we went.  Certainly not better or worse than Johnson, it’s just different.  Kennedy has a more ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ amusement park feel while at Johnson, we felt like we were in the middle of NASA’s day to day operations.  Both very cool experiences and both completely worth it.

We arrived at Kennedy Space Center around 10 am and stayed until closing which I think was about 6pm.  There was plenty to keep us busy and we didn’t even get to the Hubble photographs!  Jase just took too much time playing around…

Kennedy Space CenterThe Vehicle Assembly Building – VAB (left center) is enormous, one of the largest buildings in the world.  The flag on the building is 209ft high and each stripe is 9 ft wide.  Both the Saturn V rocket (right) and the space shuttles were assembled in this building.  Rocket and space craft are transported from the VAB to the launch pads along the crawlway on appropriately named Crawlers.  Crawlers move at 1 mph when loaded and it takes about five hours for the trip to the launch pad.

Kennedy Space Center

Lots of other goodies at the Space Center including the space shuttle Atlantis on display and an Airstream!

NASA Airstream

We stayed a convenient 10 miles away at Manatee Hammock Campground which is a well-kept county campground with a great view of rocket launches across the bay if your timing is right!  There is RV parking available at Kennedy for $15 if you’re just DayTrippin’.

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