Our Airstream

We have a 30′ Airstream International Serenity.  It is absolutely the perfect model and length for us.  We are able to comfortably fit ourselves, the pups and everything we need to live full-time in it.  Here is a quick tour although we are always adding our own personal touches to make it more our own.

The bedroom has a short queen.  Jase’s feet hang off the edge but he hasn’t complained.  The mattress was the standard RV mattress and we added a memory foam topper from Costco which has made it more comfortable than any regular bed we’ve owned.  There is plenty of storage for our warm weather clothes (aside from a few hanging clothes in the hallway closet).  We have a bin in the back of the truck with our winter clothes.  Under-bed storage is huge!  We keep our extra bedding under there.  I keep my shoes and some books and CD’s I’ve been meaning to copy to an external drive and then get rid of.  Honestly, I have no idea what Jase has on his side.

Airstream Bedroom

The hallway has a fairly large closet for hanging items however we hope add shelving to one side.  Bathroom and shower are separate which is fine because there are curtains to create a sort of master bath when needed.

Airstream Interior

The kitchen area has plenty of room for preparing and cooking meals despite the fact that I am a extremely messy cook.  I thought I would use the surface of the dinette more often for extra space when cooking but I really haven’t needed to.  The model we have had an ‘upgraded’ option of the convection oven/microwave which is actually a downgrade for us.  We would prefer an oven so we could run it on propane while boondocking.  We will likely replace it as some point but it is an expensive upgrade.  We also plan to take out the dinette as some point down the road (pun intended).  It has become mainly a junk collector.  We do eat some dinners at the table inside however would prefer more of a desk area that will be less imposing in this area.  We hope to create more storage and maybe a pull up table to eat if we want to.

Airstream Interior, 30

Finally, the couch.  I know some people absolutely hate the couch in the newer Airstreams but I love it.  It’s perfectly comfortable and there is quite a bit of storage behind it and and underneath which we filled with the inverter and batteries.

Airstream Interior

Slowly but surely, we’re making this our own space!


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