Worm Gruntin’ in Sopchoppy

Can you imagine rushing your time on the Atlantic coast of Florida to check out a something about worm-gruntin’ in a tiny town called Sopchoppy?  That’s what we did.

Worm grunting is making a mole-like sound via a stick pounded into the ground and made to vibrate with a ‘rooping iron’.  Those moles are scary to worms so the worms come wiggling out to escape into the waiting hands of fishermen and in this case, festival goers.

This is worm grunting.  To get the full effect, check out this Wikipedia video since I lost my action video on a broken hard drive.  Boo.

Florida, Sopchoppy

Jase did not scare any worms from the safety of their dirt homes.

We stayed at the local city park and had the place practically to ourselves (reviews here).  It is an easy bike ride from the park to anywhere in town.

camping, rv, airstream, florida, sopchoppy

There aren’t a lot of restaurant options in town but were pleasantly surprised by the local pizzeria!  It was our go-to both nights in town.

Sopchoppy, pizza, Florida

The Worm Gruntin’ Festival is coming up soon for 2017, on April 8th so if you’re in the area, it’s worth a stop by this unique tiny town that really likes their worms.

worm grunting, florida, sopchoppy

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